List Formatting Guide

Last updated: 9/14/12

This is how a TaskAgent list looks as a UTF-8 encoded text file:


First, it should be noted that the name of the .txt file should not contain special or international characters -- try keeping your titles alphanumerical if you can.

At each new line there’s a task. Each task requires “-“ or “x” at the beginning. You can’t divide a task, including its note, between multiple lines. The best rule to remember is to never press enter on the keyboard unless it’s a new task.

If the task has a comment, it will be found between parentheses. Otherwise, there is no need to add parentheses.

When the task is completed or checked, this will be set by adding x before the task. Otherwise, a hyphen must be added before the task.

If you wish to create a new list from scratch in the Dropbox folder TaskAgent is using, the text file you’d create should look something like this:


That’s pretty much it for the formatting rules to follow. Be sure to return after each new update to the app, as it is possible that the formatting may change over time.

Thank you for using TaskAgent.